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Moki Checklist

Moki is an operations performance management software designed to support more assertive decision-making in business. We validate field data collected through checklists by cross-checking this data with KPIs and other indicators of your operation. Moki has its own BI that turns your data into real-time charts and pivot tables and allows you to build analysis using applicable criteria quickly and easily.

Moki allows full process monitoring, management of resources and indicators, has a fast deployment cycle, and is easy to use. With Moki you can detect non-conformities and create action plans to rectify the issue right off the bat, also Moki makes it easy to consolidate data for analysis and sharing.

You can build or import indicators, compare them with your evaluation data quickly, and generate new views of your operation, which speeds up decision-making and optimizes your administration.

Moki also validates the correct implementation of trade marketing agreements though, contributing to the fulfillment of the cash reward agreement.

It is used for various business activities in different segments, such as retail, wholesale, franchise networks, industries, service providers, among others.

We use HTTPS security protocol for encrypted data transfers.


Moki is an online platform, but our app is hybrid and allows checklists to be filled out even in offline mode. So, your operations teams do not have to worry about the internet during supervisions. The information collected is stored in the Moki app until there is an internet signal to perform synchronization with our servers.

Forms of Contracting

Moki is a software as a service commercialized exclusively through a monthly subscription agreement. It is not sold and does not have a version to install on customers’ computers.

Moki has 5 different subscription plans to meet different needs. Each plan gives access to certain features as well as allows different amounts of users, units, checklist templates, indicator tracking, support, and training. To learn more about our plans and what subscription plan could make sense for your organization, please contact one of our consultants.

All our customers have access to exclusive videos and manuals that help you use the tool in the best possible way. Some of our plans provide exclusive training and consulting, but these services can also be contracted separately. Now, concerning social isolation, we are not conducting face-to-face training.

Our standard contract term is 12 months and there are no penalties for contract interruption. In case of temporary suspension of the service, it is necessary to communicate the suspension 30 days in advance.

Technical Aspects

Our users can contact our support from Mondays to Fridays, from 9 AM to 5 PM-EST, by email to suporte@moki.com.br.

All of your data is stored on Moki servers that are hosted and protected in Google Cloud.

We use HTTPS security protocol for encrypted data transfers.

At Moki, we use mirrored servers and keep data backed up for up to 30 days.

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