Social Responsibility

About the Instituto da Criança

The Instituto da Criança is a solution to promote human development whose purpose is to inspire solidarity, through social agents and transform lives. In its 25-year history, the Instituto da Criança has acted as a play that connects individuals and companies to social projects and people in vulnerable situations, ensuring that donations reach those who really need them.

The Institute is among the 100 best NGOs in the world, according to NGO Advisor, and is a member of ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council – of the United Nations. Since 2011, the Institute’s seasonal campaigns have raised 51,701 donations.

Moki + Instituto da Criança

We share the idea that solidarity is the way to a less unequal world and believe that we have to be the change we would like to see in society.

Therefore, we are quota holders of the Quota Campaign of the Instituto da Criança. We commit ourselves to make a monthly contribution and become partners of the social results achieved by the Institute.

Selo de Parceiro Bronze do Instituto da Criança: Exercitando a solidariedade.

Social Balance sheet of the Instituto da Criança

A social balance sheet is a document where the results achieved by the actions and projects of the Instituto da Criança during the last year are presented. The 2020 social balance sheet is now available.

Click the button below to see how we contribute together to a more supportive Brazil.

Donating is a reverse action. We believe that those who have work, health, and progress in life are people who keep in their hearts the feeling of gratitude.


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