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#1 in operational intelligence

Audits, assessments, inspections, surveys, inventories, and much more

Enhanced operations data when cross-checking with external data sources

Automatic data-driven actions

Your mobile device becomes a powerful data collector with access to other systems

Artificial intelligence to predict risk scenarios

Inteligência artificial para prever cenários de risco

What is Moki?

Moki is a subscription-based B2B software application for field operations performance management, from the operational collection process to building a strategic vision of the business. It is designed to automate, streamline, and control processes, procedures, compliance, and field operations standards. Since it is a cloud application, no investment in hardware, software, and IT security is required, and the entire solution can be used virtually from anywhere.

Acesso remoto e software moki com armazenamento em nuvem

Where to use Moki

Where to use Moki
Where to use Moki

3-step data-driven operational management

Apply your checklists

Speed + Data Collection Efficiency

Through its Digital Smart Checklist feature, Moki allows you to track routines, optimize processes and boost your operation. With our app, users can collect and submit data online and offline, which will be automatically organized and delivered in real-time for decision-makers, anywhere in the world.

Acompanhamento de planos de ação em andamento e concluídos pelo Moki
  • Supervise your processes in a much simple way.
  • Find non-conformities and set operational standards.
  • Create action plans and justify faults.
  • Control your team and optimize time.
  • Build indicators.
  • Leverage your analytics with dynamic reports.
  • Integrate with your BI and access your data in the company’s internal dashboards.
Cross-check operations information with external data

Tracking and Cross-checking

Moki is the only software capable of enabling truly transformative management. By cross-checking the data collected in your checklists with operational indicators of your company, Moki shows you the reality of your operation and allows you to make more assertive decisions based on current information.

  • Track any indicator of your operation (sales, losses, employees, customer satisfaction, quality, etc);
  • Get data from other sources: social media, Customer Portals, ERP, WMS, e-commerce platforms, sensors, and flow counters. If it’s in the cloud, Moki is on it!
  • Cross-check your checklists with KPI’s and validate your evaluations.
  • Validate the relationship between causes and effect: Do my losses go up if the shop is full?
  • Build charts and pivot tables.
  • Integrate Moki with any BI on the market.
Integrações presentes no Moki Checklist
Your data has a lot to say

Automatic data-driven actions

Your team collects a lot of data manually, there is still information on your internal systems and about you on internet sites and cloud services. Moki’s algorithm gathers all this data and triggers actions to correct, track, monitor, or inform the right people for each situation.

Cruzamento de dados com software de gestão integrada
  • Build smart alerts.
  • Schedule appointments for your team to track important occurrences.
  • Anticipate risk scenarios.
  • Automatically evaluate the work of your workforce.
  • And follow everything in one control panel in real-time



Monitor behavior and equipment usage while managing corrective actions and analyzing trends.


Drive continuous improvement through consistent measurement, analysis, and course correction.


Moki was designed to work in both online and offline environment to make work more agile.


Automate task management when new issues are identified and reduce reaction time.


O Moki tem como princípio básico o aperfeiçoamento da produtividade.


Ensure the right behaviors and outcomes across the entire product life cycle.


Replace paper, spreadsheets, and email chains with intelligent-automated form solutions.


Perform quick assessments to prevent waste and inventory verification controls.

Moki's Impact on Business Management

Business management Moki
Business management Moki

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"The result of our field operation can be divided into two moments: before and after we implement Moki. The results were simply incredible!"
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