Our History

Technology is applied creatively and intelligently, to provide companies with tools to increase their efficiency, save time and resources, ensure the well-being of users, and preserve the environment.

Acompanhamento de planos de ação em andamento e concluídos pelo Moki

How we started

Moki was born from a conversation with the owner of a large restaurant chain. The manager reported that at the end of the day, with no time to compile all the information he received in paper checklists, he ended up archiving them without even reading.

We wondered how much valuable information was being lost: how many improvements in the operation could have been implemented, how many processes could have been optimized, and also how much time was spent on a job without real value.

Moki’s here to close all these gaps.

Social Responsibility

Contributing to human development and transforming lives in a structured way has always been a desire. That’s why we became partners and quota holders of the Children’s Institute, an NGO created more than 25 years ago that connects individuals and companies to social projects and people in vulnerable conditions.

We believe that each one can do a little to transform the reality around us, and through this partnership with the third sector, we seek to contribute to reducing inequality both in the social and professional development spheres. We aim to help build a fairer and more supportive future for all individuals.

Funcionários da Moki em parceria com o Instituto da Criança
Team Moki receiving Flavia Reis, resource broker, and Pedro Werneck, co-founder of the Children's Institute.
Mapa dos usuários Moki pelo mundo, mostrando que temos usuários em quase toda América Latina, América Central, Oceania, em vários países da Ásia e da Europa, além dos EUA e alguns países da África.

Moki's area of expertise

For more than 12 years, we have been part of the success of several brands. We serve clients from different segments and sizes, national, multinational, and market leaders. For us, this is proof of a work developed with transparency, technical capacity, responsibility, stability, and security.

Moki Brazil is based in Rio de Janeiro, where we operate in all of 23 Brazilian states. Moki International is based in Lisbon, Portugal, and is responsible for the development of Europe and Americas markets. Moki is currently being used in more than 35 countries around the world.

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