Your field operation under control, more productive and profitable

Fit to the purpose to bring efficiency to companies that apply checklists such as inspections assessments, audits, surveys, inventory control, training, etc. auditorias, encuestas, control de inventario, capacitación, etc.

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It's very simple. And super fast!

Build your own checklists

Answer wherever and however you want

Analyze data in real-time

Save time and money

Increase revenue and profit

Achieve your goals

Advanced features for more agile and efficient operations

Checklists customizáveis, localização GPS e compartilhamento o app de checklist da Moki na sua operação

Easy-to-use app and rich reports to improve analysis!

The most powerful checklist on the market!

Designed to fit your operation, the Moki checklist is fully customizable, robust, and intelligent. Available online and offline, it aggregates the data collected in the field, transforming it into information that is easy to visualize for quick tactical decisions.

information at your fingertips!

Online Barcode and QR Code reader

Collect important information with our barcode reader. Access real-time database, check on inventory, prices, SKU’s, equipment, just by reading a simple QR Code. It seems like magic!

Ilustração de leitor ótico do Moki scanneando um produto.
Planos de ação personalizados com o Moki

Action plans and checklists in the same App!

Turn nonconformances into actions

Identify and treat non-conformities in a simple, fast, and straightforward way. With Moki, you manage your action plans in the same app where you apply your checklists. It is so easy!

Checklists closely monitored!

Evaluation’s workflow

Moki adapts to the way you work. If the checklists need to be reviewed by the manager, simply create the checklist approval workflow, as necessary. This will ensure the quality of the information that will be shared.

Workflow de avaliações do Moki Checklist
Recursos do Moki para gestão e análise integrada da informação

Dashboards and reports that generate insights!

Complete and flexible analysis

Verify patterns, trends, track indicators (KPI), and cross-check with other data sources from your company. Analyze what impact each non-compliance can have on your bottom line. Improve your strategy and protect your profit.

All data in one place!

Integrations that multiply possibilities

Moki can become the main source of information about your company’s operations performance. Checklists and audits can be cross-referenced with sales data or other operational indicators, social media, e-commerce platforms, IoT sensors, among others. All connected and available for your Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, or any other BI tool.

Conte com uma inteligência operacional integrada com o Moki
Sistema de gestão operacional com armazenamento em nuvem

More peace of mind, fewer complications!

Cloud solution, with no hardware and software investments

Fast deployment, no hardware or software costs, no concerns about maintenance, support, or data security.

What our customers say

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"We have the culture of sharing good ideas. For me, Moki is more than just questions and answers, it generates interaction between people, showing where the problems are so that everyone can suggest action plans. It is a tool that encourages the team to seek for improvements."

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"You didn't have to do a lot of training. We asked people to download the app on their corporate devices, we distributed logins, and everyone accepted it very well, no matter if they had too much or too little knowledge of other systems. Moki is a very democratic tool."

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